X-Ray Technology

X-ray is a diagnostic test that images bones by shooting an x-ray beam through the body. The calcium in bones blocks penetration of the x-ray beam and the image of the bones is picked up as a shadow on a film positioned on the other side of the patient. X-rays provide for excellent bony detail because bone consists mainly of calcium. X-rays can be used to diagnose tumors, fractures and spinal misalignment. However, discs and nerve roots do not have any calcium, so an x-ray does not capture an image of these structures.

What could be the philosophical importance of X-ray in Chiropractic practice? The cliché is absolutely apropos here: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The argument that X-rays are harmful is a specious one. Of course, X-rays should not be done indiscriminately. However, taking X-rays for the purpose of a more complete understanding of the states of vertebral subluxation complex, and subluxation degeneration, of a practice member is of very great importance that far outweighs the downside of minimal radiation. The effects of vertebral subluxation complex are far more serious than the minimal amount of radiation received through a standard chiropractic set of X-rays. X-rays are an integral part of a Chiropractic diagnosis.

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